PT. Tiga Permata Logistik was established of 2009. Our first experience is to handle telecom project in 2009. We received from China factories, store in warehouse, manage inventory using the advance WMS and distributed to sites throughout Indonesia.

Our main office in Surabaya was delivering  shipment to all areas in East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara. Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Papua. We have Semarang office to support in Central Java and Yogyakarta areas..

Be a trusted and Reliable company with excellent service quality.

Our Mission

Offering best service in logistics and transportation to increase efficiency and give added value global competition
Doing continuously business innovations to meet customer needs.
Commit on continuous business development in order to get customer satisfaction, worker welfare, stake holder needs and company social responsibility.


In PT. Tiga Permata Logistik, we strongly believe that our most valuable assets are our own team.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to continuously improve and enhance their skills and capabilities through constant training and education, at the same time providing them with a harmonious work environment in assisting our team to attain work-life balance. In an industry where personalized service, security, and reliability are of utmost importance, there is no other alternative other than to put the highest value in your own team.

We have believed in this vision since the inception of PT. Tiga Permata Logistik four decades ago, still believe in it now and will always hold this vision well into the future.


Warehouse Management

Suply Chain Distribution

Our Experts at 3PL implement their own design of complex supply chain solution at a regional as well as national level. Our professional team supported with our own warehouses, with our own fleet of transportation, with a bar-coded inventory system and backed by an experienced workforce. As such, we are able to provide the most efficient and effective ways of delivering our services as expected by our valued customers.

manajemen pergudangan
Inventory Service and Asset Management

We designed our own software, tailor-made to our customer’s need, which is supported with our bar-code system, that will make all recording activities faster and more accurate.

OnLine and Realtime Information

Our customers demand accurate and real time reports in response to this, 3PL has developed online and real-time information, allowing our customers to check their inventory reports whenever and wherever they want.

Transport Management

3PL has an in-depth knowledge of transportation economics and pricing which are essential in effective logistics management. Our Transportation Management Service (TMS) experts will proactively identify and evaluate alternative strategies and tactics to determine the best methods to move product within the existing constraints.

Our customer can check for status of cargo on our shipment tracking system. 3PL has it own warehousing facilities equipped with a racking system for maximum protection of your goods while at the same time minimizing storage space. Three warehouses are located in Jakarta and several others, in a joint-venture partnership, are spread throughout the country.

A background in automation has made 3PL one of the few supply chain solutions provider with a highly advanced warehouse management system. We developed our own WMS software called COBRA, stands for Customize Online Bar-Coded Real-Time Automation System. COBRA uses a unique bar-coded label for tracking within the warehouse and during transport, it provides automatic real-time inventory from wherever you are via internet real-time.

Most importantly, security is always of highest priority for 3PL and we are proud of our record of accomplishment of our security system. Products entrusted by our customers will be safely and securely taken care of while in our custody.

Our warehouses are protected with 24 hour 7 Days a week security system and monitoring through CCTV.


PT. Tiga Permata Logistik Head Office


Ruko Ngaliyan Baru / Ruko B
Jl. Prof. Hamka No.110

PT. Tiga Permata Logistik Head Office


Jln. Raya Waru Km 15
Sawotratap, Gedangan

PT. Tiga Permata Logistik Head Office


Jl. Husein Sastranegara 81
Benda 15125
Tangerang –¬†Banten